bizhub PRO 1100

Разрешение печати 1 200 dpi

The bizhub PRO 1100 provides two-way 1,200 dpi print resolution, thanks to the implementation of a state-of-the-art LED print head (LPH). This technology improves the reproducibility of smallest fonds, while the high number of screen raster lines effectively smoothes the reproduction of half tones.

Цветной однопроходный сканер

Predefined setting masks (two types with three patterns each) plus a choice of dot screen settings enable users to select the best screen for each specific print job. The print station also comes with a standard controller and a colour dual scanner.

Schedule management

The schedule management provides an overview of all queued print jobs. It displays current jobs with detailed information on which paper types are used; and a timeline shows how long production will take. The operator can also view details on suspended and reserved jobs.

Simitri® HD toner

Simitri® HD toner is a Konica Minolta in-house developement and uses polymerised processing techniques to produce smaller, more consistently shaped particles that maximise the output quality. The toner material recipe contains around 10% biomass helping to reduce the enviromental impact.

Различные финишные возможности

Smart finishing options include the staple finisher with automatic staple lenght cutting mechanism, colour sheet insertion via the post inserter, as well as automatic ring binding.

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